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Come hear great LIVE music at the best listening venue in the Lehigh Valley!
Located in the Rodale Community Room on the third floor of Miller Symphony Hall
Third Friday of each month (except where noted otherwise)










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Frank DiBussolo Group



The Frank DiBussolo Group



September 19, 2014 at 7:30pm


Tickets: $25




The eight time Grammy nominee guitarist, Frank DiBussolo, who has performed with Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Buddy Richwill be performing with Tiffany G., Greg Edwards and Hector Rosado. The Group's repertoire is wide ranging, with an emphasis on the Great American Songbook, as well as more modern compositions from the late twentieth century.



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Zen For Primates

Zen For Primates

October 17, 2014  at 7:30pm


Tickets: $25


The key to Zen for Primates, if there is one, is the band's wealth of contradictions. Highly rhythmic, the band has no overt percussion. Affecting a studied ennui, it can be passionate and its languid precision offers yet another internal contrast. The music, both the original numbers and the idiosyncratic arrangments of covers is full of that which Robert Fripp says music must create and sustain, releasing it only when the musicians choose to release it - tension.



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Co-op Bop


Co-op Bop

November 21, 2014 at 7:30pm


Tickets: $25



Evolution of a Quintet


CO-OP BOP, a Quintet, has developed in various combinations since the late 1950’s. Alan Gaumer (trumpet) & Craig Kastelnik (org.), coached by Craig’s father (KAL) appeared on the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour as “kids”. Their association continued to grow. Along the way, Tom Kozic, at 17 years of age, began to play guitar with Alan’s Quartet. By the late 1970’s Gary Rissmiller took over the drum chair. And while this group was playing one of it’s common steady “gigs” at a local venue , Nelson Hill (sax) burst on to the scene . Since that time they have continued to perform together building a library of standards and original compositions. They have consistently played under each others names sharing leadership roles. Recently because of their mutual respect for one another, they came to conclusion that a group name was in order.


SO……’s official:…………

Co operative boperative or CO-OP BOP





Lynnie Godfrey


Celebrating the Holidays with Lynnie Godfrey


December 19, 2014 at 7:30pm


Tickets: $25


Drama Desk Nominee and AUDELCO Award for the Broadway musical, Eubie. (The music of Eubie Blake), where she shared the stage with Gregory and Maurice Hines


Star of Norman Lear’s sequel to All In The Family …..704 Hauser

NAACP Award for Best Producer, Audio Earphone Award, Benjamin Franklin Award for her recording of the title role “Snow Queen”


"Godfrey, a smoldering firecracker just waiting to explode, is a sassy stylist who used her remarkable deep creamy voice to milk each song for all it’s worth. And what a voice it is, somewhere south of Sarah Vaughn, north of Eartha Kitt and definitely east of Tenth Avenue." - Steve Siegel








Expansions: Dave Liebman


EXPANSIONS: The Dave Liebman Group


January 16, 2015 at 7:30pm


Tickets: $25



Dave Liebman's new group looks towards the present generation of jazz musicians who have been schooled in conservatory and university settings.  Lieb is continuing the time tested tradition of master/apprentice as he experienced in the 1970's with drummer Elvin Jones and Miles Davis, by reaching across generations to teach and learn from them. "EXPANSIONS" features the up and coming pianist Bobby Avey, reedman Matt Vashlishan, drummer Alex Ritz and a continuation of Lieb's long relationship with bassist Tony Marino. Conceptually, the repertoire traverses elements of free jazz and re-arrangements of standards all infused with the complex time signatures and harmonies being explored by the new jazz artists of our time. The first recording will be released in 2014..."Samsara" (Whaling City Sound).


For more information about Dave Liebman, visit his website at








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